Spring Collection

Images I have taken featurng spring blossoms over the years

Succubus II

Distorted female figures

Ambigrammatic – Part One

Ambigram tattoos and secret writing

Looking Glass Realities

Mirror reflections

What is Seen Yet Unseen

Mostly new works

Reflect Upon This (Round Mirrors)

Experimentation with small mirrors

Mirror Outlines

Objects reflected in mirrors to create figures

Forniphilia (Human Furniture)

Nudes as furniture


Manipulated female demons

Inappropriate Images

What would sexual images in public look like?

Balloon Girls

Balloons attached to various piercings

Perspective Nude

Forced perspective of nudes and legs, shot with a wide angle lens

Signs and Wonders

Captivating wander around the streets, where every sign is potentially street poetry.

Four Hundred and One Blows

Remarkable images of flagellation captured with a sound-activated switch


Haunting images of violence and murder


Surreal videos and explanations of various projects

Fools on the Hill

Men’s Fashion on a man-made hill

Catwoman – Kitchen Sink Drama

Catwomen do catty things in the kitchen

Eighties Fashion – Early Work

Mostly taken in my first three years as a photographer

The Fetish

Vogue/Sotheby’s Cecil Beaton Award winning series of shoe images

Cloud Cover

Clouds that look like faces

Neo Pictorialism

The Brits at Play


Scenics from town and country