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1.  A Multiplicity of Breasts

Early on in the second phase of my photography, that is after my book, Bernadinism: How to Dominate Men and Subjugate Women, I started using mirrors in my work. I used various shapes and sizes, investigating different ways I could reflect objects and nudes. For this shot I used two cheap mirrors I bought from a local furniture shop and had the mirrors reflecting into each other creating multiple reflections of part of the nude.


2. Starry Ecstasy (Ella Reflected)

I have used mirrors a lot in my work, either to reflect my models or to throw shadows of objects on to walls. I like to frequent shops that sell cheap kitsch and tacky object and I came across these round engraved mirrors that were selling for £1 a pair. I bought six and went home and tried to come up with ways of using perhaps all of them in a single photo. My first try was a still life among the fallen flowers in a flower garden. That failed and the next time I tried it was reflecting different parts of a nude lying on the floor. That one worked so I tried others.

The above shot was next in the series. After taking some photos of the model, Ella, using other mirrors, including reflecting her in a television set, I tried this one. I had her lying on a bed and on an old coffee table from my childhood home, I carefully angled the mirrors, going back to the camera after every slight movement. When i was at last ready to shoot, I had to get her hand in the right position and try to solicit the right expression on her face. At least three people have told me it is their favourite of all my work and they have been genuinely been moved my it. “It is one of the best pictures I have ever seen. I will never forget the moment when I saw it for the first time. It literally shook me to the ground.” – Alex, Sweden

Other pictures of Ella: Butterfly Projection, Butterfly Face.


3. Lilly Five Mirrors

This was an even more painstaking image than the one above. I shot it using tungsten lights on the hottest day of the summer, which made it even hotter. This time i placed the mirrors horizontally while the model stood vertically next to the tripod. Once I had set up the mirrors the range of movement of the model was limited hands and a slight turn of the head.


4. Twenty Digits

When the model asked me over the phone, what sort of make up I wanted. I said red fingernails and toenails. For the effect I wanted I knew they had to match. I shot the pale skinned Norwegian model, Sylvia, in my very narrow corridor using flash and without a tripod. I usually use a tripod to lock down the composition, then pose my model within that frame. When you hand hold, each shot is framed slightly differently, sometimes for the worse, so it is something I don’t do often. If I work with the same framing then it is one less thing I have to think about when shooting.

Other pictures Of Sylvia: Twisted


5. Curtain Chameleon

Using Dali’s painting, Spain, as a model, depicting as it does a woman leaning with her elbow on a cupboard, I took two photos, with and without the model. I later merged the two pictures on computer.


6. Twisted Legs

I was commissioned by a fashion PR agent to do a picture for each of the clients she managed. The shoot was in her house and as soon as I saw the carpet in the au pair’s room I knew it was the place for this shot. One of her clients was Jonathan Aston hosiery for which I came up with this idea. We moved the bed and other furniture out and vacuumed the carpet. When it came to actually shooting the picture, i found that I had left my sketch at home and had a bit of difficulty with the placement of the legs but I solved that in the end. Apart from the marvelous colours, I chose the tights to complement the carpet, I enjoy how seamlessly the entwining of the legs appear.


7. Voluptuous Recliner

I knew Tansy to be very flexible because she practiced. I first had her sitting on the chair doing various forms of stretching and after we had exhausted them, for some reason it occurred to me to place her upside down on the chair. starting with the full figure, I then moved closer in. What I like about this picture is the unusual angle along with the creamy paleness of the woman’s flesh. It kind of conjures up paintings from an earlier era, perhaps an Ingres or something similar.


8. Under Glass, Under Water

I photographed a model with her head close to this glass tabletop on which I had deliberately spilled water. After she was gone and I began to clear up, I noticed the shadow of the pool of water on the floor. I found the effect quite interesting and I moved the table closer to the corner of the room, where I could observe it better on the grey floor, and I moved the light closer to the table and higher. I poured more water on the table an witness it’s effects. I then placed the chair and the book in the background and knew I had the makings of a picture.When the time came I used a model named Ayda for it. I am very satisfied with the the way the shadow reacts with the model. Other than water running down a window, it is something i had never observed before.


9. Foot Table

This is part of my series, Human Furniture. I had photographed other tables before and was looking for a more novel approach when I came up with this one. The sheet of glass came from a long broken picture frame and I had to think of appropriate things to put on it. The thing about human tables is no one can hold a position long except in the hands and knees position. And so it proved with this one also. After a while the model, Katrina, ‘s legs would tire and the glass would start angling downward and I would have to save it before giving her a rest and starting over again.


10. Fiona Through a Glass

I had seen pictures of models looking through a glass placed on a tabletop, and there many more now than when i first observed it. i thought to approach it from a new angle and it so happened that the bed post was in the right place and shaped so I could stand a glass on it. I had originally used the setup for a picture of a glass eyeball in a vagina but I took a much better picture and that one was consigned to the bin. The water in the glass becomes a lens and laterally reverses the image behind it as well as magnifying it.


11. Red Sandals

A neighbour of mine used to sometimes model for me when she was in the mood and on this occasion I saw the shoes and thought they would fit in very well with my Perspective Nude series. The pictures of which were all shot closeup with wide angle lenses. To take this photograph I laid on my stomach with my elbows propped on the floor holding the camera in my hands and using tungsten lights.


12. Unquiet Sleeper

I don’t exactly know how this picture came about but I remember I had a model named Zex coming the next day and had to come up with some ideas. I thought I might do something with light coming through the bed sheet of a girl in bed. But before I got to that I thought I might warm up playing around this idea. In the end the light through the sheet pictures were rubbish and this much better. Wrapped in a white sheet it makes me think of the common portrayal of ghosts and the tightness of the sheet around her body brings to mind suffocation. It fits neatly with my Sleep series.

The previous and first time I shot zex, we did the fabulous Zex Mirror from my Round Mirror series as well as Vibrator, Regent Street from my Inappropriate Images Series.


13. The Philosopher Illumined by Candlelight

There was a late night series on BBC Radio 4, called Sex in the Head, where people described their sexual fantasies. The only one I remembered and which stuck with me, was a woman describing how she liked her partner reading his newspaper from the light of a candle in her vagina. The image stayed in my brain and I knew exactly how i was going to portray it. The only problem was I did not know how to go about finding people to pose for it. i certainly would not have called myself an erotic photographer back then. I sometimes photographed glamour models, mostly on latex, and some of them were nudes but I would do small prints and put them in the original Book of Bernadinism. which was a photo album I had made myself with 197 screws coming through the cover and I showed it only to a very few people. Except for Perspective nude and Anamorphic Sodomite, nude pictures never made it into the portfolio I showed to potential clients. It was several more years before I was to publish my first book. Bernadinism, How to Dominate Men and Subjugate Women. There were three explicit photographs I wanted to take. One was the philosopher, another was an eye in a vagina and I cannot now remember the the third.

A couple of years later, through a colleague, I found a couple who agreed to do it. I went round to see my friend who had several books on philosophy he never read and chose two. One was a hardback, The Destiny of the Mind East and West by William S. Haas, and the other a paperback, Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche. In the end I went with the former. The scene was lit by two candles to the right and another two on the left of the frame. The light level was so low I was able to fill in the foreground with the light from a television set. The final picture was just as I had imagined it would be.


14. I Had That Strange and Penetrating Dream Again Last Night

I once saw a picture of woman lying on her side with her legs drawn up and where her vagina should be there was an eye. The edges of the the eye was fuzzy because this was in the days before anyone had heard of Photoshop and he had clearly double printed it in the darkroom using card masks. I thought I could do the shot better by simply using a glass eye. I found a taxidermy supplier who sent me a human glass eye and my only problem now was how I would get a model willing to stick things in her vagina… Two years later I found one. The beam of light was made by a 35mm projector and the rest of the lighting was an ordinary household bulb on the ceiling.

After it was published in my first book, I would sometimes get emails talking about Georges Bataille, whom I had never heard of. A bit of googling showed him to be the author of The Story of the Eye. On an occasion in the book the man sticks the eye of a bull into the vagina of his lover. It only goes to show, we sometimes get our influences secondhand or even thirdhand. My title comes from the first line in a poem in the Belgian film Toto the Hero 1991). In writing this, my research shows it is called My Familiar Dream by Paul Verlaine.


15. Anamorphic Sodomite

One of the first tricks I learned as a photographer was double exposure. Some cameras allowed you to cock the shutter without winding on the film also. I used the technique in my early work such as The Fetish V, where, using card in a filter holder in front of the lens, I took half the frame, then removed the subject and exposed the other half with the camera on tripod. I had not used that technique for about five years and thought I would like to resurrect it again but did not know on what subject matter. After awhile it occurred to me that I could try it on a nude. I had the model standing in my corridor leaning against one elbow, shot her top half, then turned her around and had adopt the exact same position in reverse and shot the bottom half. This along with Reverse Succubus were the first in the series of Succubus pictures I took. They have not been retouched in anyway and they are exactly how they came out of the developer. Luckily they happened to line up perfectly. This is how I did my succubae until I got a computer, which allowed me greater flexibility. And since everyone thought i did it on computer anyway, I thought I might as well use it. I later shot a video about the series.



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