In the autumn of 2006 I bought a cheap refurbished consumer video camera from ebay to document my work. Although I had never been interested in video before, I got a bit adventurous and it soon became clear I needed something more sophisticated camera. I had enough money to buy a digital stills camera or a video camera. i felt I had not learned anything new for years and decided on the video camera and the steep learning curve of learning to edit and do simple visual effects.

My first instinct was to try to replicate some of my photography but in moving form. The first thing I did on my cheap consumer video camera was to do some stop motion animation with my friend Jason Fidler and the next was to shoot footage for my Succubus video. I then had to learn how to put it together in Adobe After Effects.


Born With Three Mouths

I had an idea for a horror short film and this was the first test. I put it on YouTube and after a year it suddenly went viral with over 7M hits.


Vision of distorted female forms leave you wandering what it might be like having sex with such creatures.


Born With Three Mouths 2/4 – Girl With Split Tongue

Performer Helen talks about her bifurcated tongue and wiggles it for you.

Butterfly Face

Cut-outs of butterfly wings become the shadow of a face.


Born With Three Mouths 3/4

Natalia from eastern Europe talks about her Tri-mouth Syndrome

The Butterfly Collector

Alva Bernadine is filmed on a photographic shoot, pinning butterflies to nudes with acupuncture needles.


 I Hurt Myself Today

Young woman pierces herself rather painfully through belly, breasts and face.

Spanking as Art

Slow motion video of woman’s arse being flagellated by different implements.


Reflect Upon This

Mirrors have been a recurring theme in my pictures in recent years. Here is Why and how I use them.

 Like Leaves in Autumn

Depicting nudes with leaves and why the craft section of my local library is inspirational to me.


Signs and Wonders

If you walk out your door in the right frame of mind the world becomes a mysterious place where even the banal can take on the air of surprise.


The Equestrienne

In this multi-facetted image, a shadow becomes both the face of a woman and a equestrienne as well.




Commentary about the shoots I did with a black model and her white partner.

An Interview With a Serial Killer

A model told me she was having dreams about me, which would normally be a good thing, right? Only this one thought I might be a serial killer. I sat her down to talk about it.


Sex Tv

A documentary about my work with a Canadian broadcasting company.

Pussy Performer Shooting Ping Pong Balls

Stage performer Mouse in a children friendly cut I could put on YouTube


Man With His Head Full of Flowers

Photographs with Flowers

Where Do You Get Your Ideas From?

The question artists are frequently asked. Here is my answer.


The Death of Alva Bernadine

The story of my near death experience.

London Outdoor Exhibition

I wondered what my work would look like on the Queen’s highway. In this very early video I created it.


Nude of Beads

Stop motion animation of beads taking the shape of a nude.

Shadow of Flowers Turn into a Face

Stop motion animation



Reflect Upon This (Round Mirrors)

Experimentation with small mirrors


Butterfly Shadows

The Shadow of Butterfly Wings become faces


The Butterfly Collector

Butterflies pinned to models with acupuncture needles


Spring Collection

Selection of  images taken over the years depicting flowers



Manipulated female demons



Early Neo Pictorial images of the city



Haunting images of violence and murder


Mirror Outlines

Reflected objects forming faces