The Shadow and It’s Shadow


I had owned a toy horse for many years, which I had originally bought in a charity shop. One day I decided to draw it’s silhouette on card, cut it up. I suspend it with wire and positioned the pieces, so that the shadow of the various pieces resembled a whole horse again. It was interesting but not enough for a photograph. i needed to make more elaborate. Salvador Dali had what he called Paranoiac Critical method, where he would position figures in a landscape and made them resemble a head. One day flicking through a book on Dali, I came across a tiny picture of one of them. So tiny in fact, that I had to get out my editing magnifier to make it out properly. Through the printing dots I could make a horse and a rider that looked like a face. I thought I would attempt it in shadow form.




Butterfly Shadows

The Shadow of Butterfly Wings become faces

Reflect Upon This (Round Mirrors)

Experimentation with small mirrors



Experimental and explanatory videos


The Fetish

Vogue/Sotheby’s Cecil Beaton Award winning series of shoe images



Spring blossoms in Azalea plantation


The Butterfly Collector

Butterflies pinned to models with acupuncture needles


The British Seaside

The Brits at play


Spring Collection

Selection of  images taken over the years depicting flowers