A Succubus is a female demon that has sex with sleeping men. In 2015 I published the first part of my Succubus series and now here is the second. Attraction and repulsion is one of the elements i use in my work. I like to attract the viewer with sexuality but then repel them with a strange or quirky happening. The promise of sex is annihilated by the puzzle that is presented in the image.

When I first started taking the Succubus series many years ago, they were merely impossible deformations of the human body I had conjured up. But nature is more inventive than me because, thanks to the font of all knowledge, the internet, I have seen a torso of two very young children with heads and arms at both ends and the vestige of what should have been part of a human limb poking out of their collective side. I once did a picture entitled Janus, a body with two heads mounted on it’s shoulders. Five years later I came across a documentary about two American conjoined twins who shared a body. one head controlling it’s half of the body.

All but three of these pictures were manipulated digitally. The other three were done using double exposure in camera with no other retouching required.