Signs and Wonders


I decided to use the idea of sticking my photos on posts and rephotographing them. I walked to the park and along the way on the lookout for posts to stick pictures on. When I get there I moved onto the grass to view the trees better. I noticed the footpath behind them and the idea came to me, I photograph the path, print it the correct size and stick it on the tree, maybe it will look as if it is running straight through the tree.

A few days later I noticed a pedestrian crossing and on the road is painted “Look Right” (because we’re are British remember). In front of the crossing is a tree. If I paint the word “Right” on the tree in front of the crossing, then I can stick a photograph of the word on the tree… No, why don’t I just paint it.

Just up the road from me are street names of ancient philosophers, I wondered if I can do anything with that. Wouldn’t be great if I could get a SLOW sign in front of a cemetery. Then I could write ‘Dead slow” or “Slow death” or something. The second cemetery I went to had a Slow sign in in front of the crematorium in its grounds.