Fantasy lover appears in mirror.


I am always on the look out for models to be involved in my work (you must bear in mind that I am based in London). You should be attractive and have a good figure or an interesting character or can act. I like the exotic and unusual so if you are a circus act, a stripper, a contortionist, exhibitionist, a couple, have a collection of garden gnomes, have a photogenic house or apartment, like nailing your bollocks to a wooden stool or just want to be an actor in one of my scenes , email me some pictures in the form of jpegs with description of yourself.

I have a couple of ongoing projects which are my flagellation series, with the moment of impact caught by a sound activated switch and my Cunt Flowers series. I am always interested in models for those.

I have now started thinking about the second book of Bernadinism and would like to investigate violence as one of the themes of it. I am thinking along the lines of male violence, female violence, murder, gang violence, casual violence, violence within relationships, rape and revenge. The scenes will be flimic and suggest narrative.

I am also at present making a film entitled , How to Become Alva Bernadine. It is a drama documentary. I need males and females for this who are willing to model and can act
Work is done in exchange for prints and fun since I don’t make money from private projects but do them because this is where the real heart of my photography lies.