Legs and shoes

All but one of these legs and shoes photographs were shot for the shoe designer Emma Hope. Having seen my Vogue competition pictures, she asked me to take a picture for her autumn/winter collection. The first one I did was the shadow of a man and the lifebelt that I shot on the south bank of the Thames near Vauxhall. Most of the subsequent ones I did involved shoes and legs. A very nice set was taken on the seafront in Brighton. Reccying the shoot, I took my bike by train to Brighton, where I came across the interesting rowboat which seemed to have possibilities. I then rode the 60 odd miles along the south coast to Hastings via Eastbourne, some of which was along the coastal footpath, that included the very steep Seven Sisters cliffs before Eastbourne. I had to walk some of it. Tired after my day’s exertions, I got the train back to London from Hastings. After all that riding, I decided my first location was the best, so I went back down to Brighton to shoot the legs and shoes a few days later.

Emma Hope Shoes


Perspective Nude

Forced perspective with a wide angle lens


The Fetish

Vogue/Sotheby’s Cecil Beaton Award winning series of shoe images


Forniphilia (Human Furniture)

Nudes as furniture


Butterfly Shadows

The Shadow of Butterfly Wings become faces


Fools on the Hill

Men’s Fashion on a man-made hill

Mirror Outlines

Reflected objects forming figures


Cloud Cover

Clouds that look like faces


Spring Collection

Selection of  images taken over the years depicting flowers