Forniphilia photos on Crac Crac #1, Canal+

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I recently had two of photographs on the French programme, Crac Crac, talking about all sorts of fetishes including Forniphilia (Human Furniture). I can’t speak French but they seem to be talking about sexuality in a refined manner, which is the French way. I might think about pictures before I take them but not afterwards, as I have already forgotten them and have moved on to the next idea that excites me.

Last minute they wanted to hang a picture as part of the set but I missed the email.

Forniphilia series

Starts 22m:39s


Snapchat Plagiarism

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I recently received a message from one of my Facebook followers that Snapchat had plagiarised one of my videos to use as a selfie filter and he sent me a link to Metro, a daily London newspaper. Not long before this I had read an article about Snapchat trawling the net and stealing other people’s ideas, some of which disappeared over night when the owners complained.

Metro article

In the November of 2010 I made a test for a short horror film I was planning of a woman with mouths for eyes. I sat a model down and had her pull a few faces for me then did the visual effects in After Effects which I taught myself enough of to believe I could pull it off. The result was so peculiar and humorous I thought I would upload it to Youtube. I named it Born With Three Mouths. A year later it went viral and I got about 7 million hits and got a lot of attention from it. I later went on to experiment with three more clips including an interview with a girl with a split tongue.


Orignal Born With Three Mouths

Since then I have had my work reflected back at me from surprising directions. I got messages from my followers on Facebook about two or three pop videos and other youtube videos that they thought were influenced my the work. One was Azealia Banks pop video, Yung Rapunxel, 2013. I also had other types of video pointed out to me.

Azealia Banks, Yung Rapunxel

While it is quite satisfying being influential, on the other hand it is quite frustrating to see one’s work possibly turning into a meme without anybody knowing who the originator is. Back in June I read of Snapchat stealing the ideas of makeup artists, (not realising at the time I was also a victim) and several other cases, The Ringer did an in-depth report on it and there was also an article in the

The Snapchat Bernadinian filter in action

Blog post about Pornography As Art on Italian website

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Review of my work on the Barbra Picci blog.


Google Translation:
Eroticism in drops – Photography – Alva Bernadine and pornography as art
Barbara Picci

Alva Bernadine, Pornography As ArtVi remember Alva Bernadine? Of course? His mirror games, as well as segmentation and deformation of bodies, can not be escaped if you are fans of the erotic genre.
From when I suggested that first gallery, the British photographer has not stopped, it feels hard to continually talk about him is due to his prolific artistic activity, both by the media for his concept of pornography as art. “Pornography As Art” is, in fact, the slogan that accompanied his photos on the posters that spilled in half of London. So in style Bernadinism, as he calls his photographic religion.
Alva Bernadine, Pornography As ArtLe its ability to treat sex with naturalness and irony mean that his work is constantly the subject of attention and criticism. He divides the public that, while it would like to censure for his provocations, the other is terribly attracted by his creations. In short, a classic of the matter …

In this article I propose another set of Bernadine entitled human furniture (Human Furniture), a collection of fetish human furniture which are not suitable for people easily suggestible and / or moralizing by profession. Alva Bernadine – ForniphiliaIn effects, one of the characteristics of Bernadine it is the absolute ease with which mocks the limits conventionally recognized by society. However his actions are peppered with irony and provocation and what the discharge from liability of the case fading ethical considerations.
Of course the risk is to lead impersonality of pornography, in a vision of women as mere objects but as himself says Bernadine:

“If I had been afraid to give an alienated view of women, I would have done landscape photography. […] From Alva Bernadine – Forniphiliaquando I made my first fetish photography more than 25 years ago, I met many submissive women who call themselves feminists. Gender has no ideology, it is needless to say to someone who is not politically correct to be tied up and beaten or run away with the partner of someone else. If it gives them satisfaction they will. “.

Simply put Bernadine chose the photograph porno-erotic and uses it to tell the sex truthfully, without filters. He delves into the human mind and takes out the kinks in a completely faithful.
Of course, his art is controversial and disturbing, you may like or offend. It depends on how much you are willing to break down the barriers of murky morality. If it is your case I recommend the gallery, otherwise ditto.
Good vision!

Artribune’s feature on Alva Bernadine

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My first feature of 2016 by the respected Italian Artribune site. The language was a bit to florid for google translation to render coherently but Ferruccio Giromini said nice things about my work. Apparently I am a bit of a provocateur, something I have never really seen myself as. When I began taking erotic pictures from 1990, there was nowhere to show them that I knew of. They could not be shown in my commercial portfolio, so I kept them as small prints in my handmade photo albums. Very few people actually laid eyes on them until my book. Bernadinism: How to Dominate Men and Subjugate women in 2001.

Link to full length article in Italian


Artribune feature on Alva Bernadine



David Bowie mural in Brixton following his death

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I was never a big David Bowie fan, probably because I was black and did not identify with him, and I also did not get the androgynous thing. The first song I heard was Rocket Man which was played in my junior school class during the moon landings. For me his music dropped from my cognisance in the late 80s and early 90s. However, in recent years I have been aware of the Ziggy Stardust meme that has been around in the last few years and the esteem that even younger people than myself held him in. He was one of those early 70s pop superstars, like Donny Osmond, David Cassidy and Bay City Rollers, who schoolgirls would play truant and run to the airport to greet them with screams. That does not seem to happen these days.

I woke up this morning and the the first thing I heard was the presenter, Robert Elms, talking about Bowie as if he was dead. It was a surprise as his 69th birthday and new album was only last Friday. Not far from where I live is a mural on the side of Morleys department store in Brixton, London. When I heard people were gathering there I took my camera and had a look myself. Most of the crowd was in fact, television crews.


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One winter’s day I went down to Brighton to photograph a South African couple. With me were some rope quoits from Hamley’s toy shop. The flat was a bit cold and we had some trouble getting the shot, so a bit of fluffing ensued.

Aerosol Flame Thrower

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I saw a picture of an aerosol flame thrower and not knowing how dangerous they were and if it would burn down my flat, I checked out a few videos on youtube. Apparently different products are more volatile than others. I got a can of hairspray from my local 99 pence store and did a test. I tried with a lighter and triggered the wireless remote with my big toe, which took some coordination. After a few sprays the lighter fuel started dripping down onto my fingers and sometimes the flame would end up right at the nozzle;e of the can. In the end I decided on matches as the safest option and got the enthusiastic Russian model, Alisha, to participate, who had contacted me on facebook a couple of weeks before.

Outtakes and B list Sale

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5 Day Sale

Tues 30th June – Sunday 5th July

Links to the works to be posted on this page on the 30th.

To coincide with my mum’s birthday on 30th June I am having my first Outtakes and B list sale for my social media followers. For those who would like an Alva Bernadine original print but can’t afford a signed original photograph, this maybe be your only chance to get hold of one.

I am offering open edition, unsigned prints of 10 different pictures that will be put up on ebay. These will be 8 x 12 inch prints on paper. All my limited edition gallery work are larger metal prints these days and the cheapest are are about £500 and over. The sale pictures will be much cheaper.

Price £39 – £49

What is an outtake?
I obviously take more than just one picture of a setup and when it comes to editing, sometimes what I consider the best image just jumps out at me and other times there are only subtle differences between one image and the next and I could easily have chosen another.

What is a B list photo?
After so many years I have amassed hundreds of pictures. The A list are what I consider my best work and are the ones I publish in books and exhibit. The B list I consider not quite as good and they normally only get as far as social media. However when I put some on Facebook, I sometimes find that the B list images may get more likes than my A list. It is not a popularity contest though and I am the only arbiter of what constitutes  an Alva Bernadine photograph.

This may be my first and last such sale, so if you want an actual photographic print it may be your only chance.


Click pictures to go to ebay



Vivian M-64
autumn table tessa-doll-2 sylvia big bum thong-01 Ely-318 Ely-228 birds 2


acupuncture breast 1
Butterfly Décolletage

Freya Multi-reflection
Milk Maid

Freya multi-reflection

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This photograph along with 9 others will be ion my ebay my Outtakes and B List  Sale 30th June to 5 July.

I am offering my followers original prints on ebay for 5 days next week at a 13th of their usual price. £39 – 49 as opposed to £500.

Check back for complete list and details on 30th June.

facebook event

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