Azaleas is my new project featuring 13 large format works. Every spring I go in search of blossoms but usually as backdrops for my models but this year, one of the best for blossom in living memory, I decided to make them the subject.

In one of my usual haunts, a place I go to every year, where few people normally tread, this year was visited by hordes of people. There was an unbroken flow of people going towards and away from the garden all day until the evening. I witness this on the several days i was there. The show put on by the azaleas was undoubtedly better than the Chelsea Flower Show. While waiting for the light or for people to move out of the way of my camera, I could constantly hear visitors exclaiming how they had never known anything like it before.

The panoramas are made up of several hi-res 36 megapixel images painstakingly stitched together. The detail is so fine you can easily make out individual blooms mid distance or the eyes of the ducks on the pond. Between 2004-2009 I stitched together all the 360˚ panoramas for a friend and colleague for his books on London and Paris and later for some of his other commercial projects including wall size murals  for Terminal 4. I never actually shot any panoramas myself because I could not think of a subject I wanted to shoot in that format, however in the last couple of years I have been quietly shooting some landscapes. The vividness of the blossoms combine nicely with my love of colour producing the perfect subject matter for me.




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Perspective Nude

Forced perspective with a wide angle lens


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What would sexual images in public look like?



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