montage grid of pussies and flowers labias and flowers montage labias and petals
victor vasarely op art
black and white op art pattern photograph op art, vaginas and flowers  

Since ancient times vaginas have often been likened to flowers. The flower paintings of Georgia O'Keefe for instance are always compared to the female organ. Thinking about this one day in 1995, I realised that I had never seen a direct comparison with a vagina and a flower next to each other. My first attempt was to cut up porn and gardening magazines and do a collage in my first photo album, after that I decided to take my own photos. My first attempts were to put in simple grid patterns. The ironic thing about putting many such pictures together is that a split beaver picture, which is intrinsically pornographic, loses that quality when put together with so many others and juxtaposed with flowers as well. They become beautiful. One day when I have an exhibition I would like to cover a whole wall a with stuck on cunt flower montage of individual prints.

I have only ever once exhibited one of these publicly and I found women were fascinated by it. They would stand in front of it and point out various vaginas to their girlfriends, especially the pierced ones. I guess the average female does not get to see many vaginas in their life time.

Searching for ways of displaying these pictures I started looking out for interesting grid patterns recently. I came across the work of the Op artist Victor Vasarely some of whose patterns I stole in the service of smut.

Cunt Flowers
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