Print Sale

Until Sun 7th April 2019

The Ultimate offer

It is several years since I last had a print sale for my followers. Last time I released ten images, but this time I am giving you the Ultimate Offer. For the first and perhaps the only time, I will print any picture of mine you have ever seen. Whether it is from Instagram, Facebook, my website, the internet, or any of my books or magazine features. Send me a jpg or describe it sufficiently and I will have it printed for you.

Unique Print?

Since I have shown hundreds images on the web and have only printed or exhibited a fraction of them, you could very well end up with the only print of that image ever made in my lifetime and perhaps beyond, depending on what you choose.

I realise that not everybody can afford my limited edition prints on metal, Instead of £500 for a signed 20x13in (51 x 34 cm), I will send you an unsigned

1. 12 x 8in image on 14 x 10in (35 x 25 cm) paper for £100
2. 16 x 11in image on 18 x 13in (45 x 33 cm) paper for £150
plus postage

Check out my Instagram account for the most recent photos: @alva_bernadine

Email me jpgs of your choices at:



Below is just a sample of the wide variety available