Interview from Tracks, ARTE. French/German arts and culture channel

German version

Les bernadinism d’Alva Bernadine, Nue Galerie

Take a 3D walk through my Paris show

Cloud Cover

Clouds that look like faces


Book & Exhibition

Book and Nue Galerie Exhibition

Round Mirrors

Experimentation with small mirrors

Butterfly Shadows

The Shadow of Butterfly Wings become faces

The Butterfly Collector


Butterflies pinned to models with acupuncture needles

Spring Collection

spring flowers

Selection of  images taken over the years depicting flowers

Spring Collection 3D Gallery

spring flwrs 3d gllary

Take a tour and navigate around the virtual 3d gallery

Perspective Nude


Forced perspective with a wide angle lens

The Shadow and It’s Shadow


Making faces from the shadows of objects




Inappropriate Images

Fools on the Hill

Men’s Fashion on a man-made hill

Shoes and Legs


Elegant and witty images of shoes and legs

Early Work

Mostly taken in my first three years as a photographer

The Fetish

Vogue/Sotheby’s Cecil Beaton Award winning series of shoe images

Neo Pictorialism

collage-neo pict

The Brits at Play



Scenics from town and country